So I’ve decided to start a blog.

Some people might as ‘why?’ and to answer that I’m not entirely sure why.

As a person I am quite shy and quiet, so really I just wanted somewhere where I can have my voice heard if anyone actually reads this. I have thought about a diary but I just don’t really see the point as I would be the only person to see and read it. Where as on here something I say or post may just come in handy or help someone if they read it.

So I’m just going to give you 15 facts about myself so you can get to know me slightly:

  1. I am a teenager and is in my last year of school, trying to cope with pressures of exams (I will be posting a bit about exams for anyone out there who reads this, and give tips for anyone who might need them).
  2. I am from the UK.
  3. I am quite a self-conscious person as I aren’t the thinnest of people, but because this is my body I am trying to do something about it.
  4. I don’t have much confidence either but I think that’s mainly due to society these days and having to look and act in a certain way without people judging you for it.
  5. I am fairly intelligent and I’m predicted to get A’s in nearly everything in my GCSE’s.
  6. Because I am a shy person I can easily blend into the background and that way I don’t stand out to have attention put on me.
  7. I can find it hard to make friends but at the moment I do have an amazing friendship group who are helpful, supportive and so kind.
  8. I have brown hair and eyes but I am going to be dyeing my hair slightly so when that happens I will add a photo of it. I do actually have quite clear skin but there are the odd few times where I get a big spot, which is easy to see, but I’m a teenager so that’s natural.
  9. I don’t have any pets, mainly due to allergies in my family.
  10. I am a creative person and try to make my room reflect that so once I’ve finished decorating I’ll show you.
  11. I’m really starting to get stuck for ideas of what to write, I love music and are in many fandoms and love so many artists.
  12. I am also quite a musical person as I can sing, I am attempting to learn guitar (emphasis on the ‘attempting’) and I want to start playing the piano I think.
  13. Nearly there… I love reading and enjoy many genres of books, like crime, thrillers, fantasy, love; all that sort.
  14. I am a springtime born baby so I can’t get a job yet to earn some money and stuff but I’ll just have to wait and cope with not buying much to save money, for presents, decorations and face and hair products.
  15. To sum me up in three words would be: Kind, Caring and Creative I’d say.

So there were so some facts about me, not that exciting but yeah…

On this I am going to blog about different things, including beauty, cooking/food, clothing, photography, and just general help and advice.

I am going to try and blog regularly but I’m not sure when that will be.

If you ever want to ask anything or want me to blog about something specific, feel free to comment below.

Love Holly xx


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