Bonfire Night Look

Hi everyone,

So bonfire night is in just a few days and in case anyone is a bit stuck on what they might want to wear or look like, so its suitable for the night, I decided to blog about what I am probably going to be wearing.



So to start off, since there is a possibility that it’s going to be cold, I would make sure to wrap up warm, I started by putting on a long sleeved black stretchy top, which I just got from Primark, not entirely sure on the price as I’ve had it a while, and some black skinny jeans. Mine are again from Primark, the ‘super high waist skinny jeans’ which were £10, (due to not having much money so I buy what I can for the price I’ve got). Then I put on my jumper. It is a dark teal colour and I bought it from Next in the sale a few years ago. Even though its a bit old I still love it.



After I sorted out what I’m wearing, I moved onto my hair. I straightened it first so that it looked decent and I decided I wanted to keep it down as it might get cold, but also I didn’t want it in my face so I decided to grip my side fringe and a small other amount of hair back. Then just to make it look a bit cool I have added in a few small braids near the front of my hair so people can see them. This style is quick and easy to do so if you don’t have long to get ready it is a style I usually opt for, but if you do think of something more creative, take a photo of your hair and post and tag me in it on instagram, (@noteinabottleblog).

Make up


Then it was time to sort out my make up. Now because it is quite dark outside and people wont be able to see it as easily so I decided to not put much on.

I started by cleaning and miosturising my face and then I put a bit of foundation on which is the ‘Rimmel Match Perfection in 010’ as I am pale and you can get them from most make up shops, mine is from Superdrug which was £6.99.


Then I added some powder on to set the foundation which it is the ‘Rimmel Clear Complexion’ in 021 which is transparent and this was bought in Superdrug for £3.99, this is also available at many stores.


Then I added some liquid liner to my top lash line very thinly and the eyeliner I used was a W7 one, I bought it from a factory shop for £1.50 as I was away and there wasn’t any makeup shops around and I desperately needed some. But you can use any type of eyeliner and you can put as much as you want on.


I then put some mascara on my eye lashes and I put it on quite heavily as that’s just how I usually do my mascara. The one I’m currently using is the ‘Collection Longer Lash’ mascara which I bought from Superdrug for £2.99. This too can be bought from many shops and I am using this till I finish it and then I’m going to try a new one so if you have any recommendations please leave a comment of it.


Finally I finished the look off with some lipstick. I used an old Rimmel one which I don’t think can be bought from shops anymore but it is the ‘Rimmel Volume Full On Lipstick’ in the shade 065. When I bought it I think I paid £4.99 for it.



DSC02613 (2)

Finally to finish the look I decided to go with my black combat boots, just in case the grass is muddy and not very nice I won’t ruin my other shoes also because they are boots if it gets cold it will keep my feet warmer.

So I hope that may have helped you in anyway of what to do on bonfire night. If you have any good looks for bonfire night feel free to post them on instagram and tag me in them.

My instagram is @noteinabottle so feel free to find me and maybe drop a follow.

Love Holly xx


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