Finding Myself.

Hi Everyone,

Okay, today’s post isn’t really going to be advice but you could turn it into advice if you read it in that way, but I’m just going to tell you about the struggles that many people cope with, and I am one of them people.

So… it’s a big world out there with millions of people and your the only you there, its scary thinking about. But I’m here too. Behind this text is a teenager who is out in the big world alone and lost.

I’ve always been lost against my friends, my family and even myself.

And as they say “There’s Two Sides To Every Story” there’s two sides to me.

Side 1. When I’m at home and with my family.

Side 2. When I’m at school or out with my friends.

They’re both completely different and that’s just natural because you act in different ways with different people. But what  I find most difficult is knowing which is the real me. And lately it’s been coming more of a problem. I feel as though I’ve been slipping away from my friends and family, and I don’t know how to pull myself back. I’m scared, scared of the fact that I could just easily loose everyone, everyone that I ever thought cared about me, and that’s an issue.

My parents always tell me they’re here for me and to help me, but most days I don’t see that. Whenever I feel down, they don’t help and force me to interact and talk with them, which people might see as a helpful thing but I don’t I would rather be alone, so I can have to peaceful time to myself. And then they push me all the time, getting me to revise nearly 24/7 and that doesn’t help me. They rid my social life from me which is possibly one of the factors in me slipping away from my friends and I can’t seem to mend it.

I just don’t know what to do anymore, I try to balance out the sides within me, but it’s not helping, and the more time I spend with everyone the more I seem to be loosing myself and soon I’ll be leaving school and I don’t know what to do, any of my aspirations either sound stupid or they’re out of reach.

I don’t know if finding who I truly am would help, but I’d like to think so. As I just want to be around the people who I love but also be myself and not someone who’s pretending just to fit in.

If anyone else does feel like this as well you can always comment or get in contact with me.

I have an instagram for this which is (@noteinabottleblog) so you could always check that out and maybe give me a follow.

Love Holly xx



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