Life After School


I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently, what do I do after school? I mean I’ll be doing all my exams soon and after that I’ll be off to college, and that’s were the problem is. I’m torn between two, and if I go to one I’m going to regret not going to the other. And it’s a horrible process.

I can either go to an amazing college which I love the look of and it’s the best one in my area and my parents do want me to go there, but it would mean, leaving all my friends…

This is one of my major problems because since I am quite a shy person I find it really hard talking and interacting with other people, which means I struggle making friends. So if I go there I guess I wouldn’t have my friends and I wouldn’t make any.

Or I can go to a college which is still really good, but just not like the first one. But I would have all my friends and that would probably make me happy but I just don’t know.

I know I have to do well at college so I can hopefully go on to University to study forensics but I just don’t know which college to go for which would benefit me most. I’m really scared because if I make a mistake in picking the wrong college I’ll probably hate it so much.

Please could you possibly leave a comment to try and help me as I need it. I’ve got an interview for one of the colleges tomorrow and I’m nervous as to the fact I could mess up and blow my chances into getting a place there.

I think the main point to this post is making important life decisions, as I really don’t know what to go for.

If anyone else is struggling with making important decisions like this you can always feel free to contact me. My instagram page is @noteinabottleblog and I would love it if you checked it out and maybe followed.

Like and Comment on this post, it would mean a lot.

Love Holly xx


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